Our Park Layout - Highfields Country Holdiay Fishing Retreat

Park Layout

Below is our site plan (including woodlands & meadows)


Highfields Country Retreat consists of some 190 acres of parkland, woodland and lakes, all of which you can see enclosed by the blue line on the plan below.

To put this size into context… if you were to walk every path in our private woodlands without crossing the same path twice, you will have covered nearly 6 miles – and that is without the miles of lovely grassland meadow walks that we have too!

This amount of space also enables us to have the most beautiful lakes which allows for both unrivalled, amazing views and incredible spacing for every Lodge/Caravan on park.

To appreciate this wonderful lifestyle and setting we offer fully, nothing can beat a relaxed and enjoyable visit, on a day and time to suit you – please call us on 01529 241185 to arrange your visit now.